Genuine USAMS In Car Charger Adapter Cigarette Socket Plug

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This Genuine USAMS dual twin port Car Charger Adapter isDesigned to make it easier for you to charge your devices while you are on thego in your car. It’s dual port feature allows you to charge two devicessimultaneously at one time. It has a total Amp of 3.1 which is enough for anydevice to be charged. It’s a plug and play item so you just need to fit it inthe Cigarette socket on your car and start using it. It’s compact design andlightweight gives the beauty of your car a plus point. It has a built in shortcircuit and overload protection which makes it more safer for you phones. It’ssolid build quality and circuitry ensures that your phone or device getscharged quickly and safely.





Brand: USAMS

Input: 12-24V DC

OutPut: 5V--3.1 Amps (2.1 & 1)

USB Ports: 2 USB Ports

Port 1: 2.1 Amp (For High Voltage Devices)

Port 2: 1.0 Amp (For Low Voltage Devices)

Color: White



Compatible models


For All Samsung Galaxy Phones

For All Huawei Phones

For All HTC Phones

For All LG Phones

For All Nokia Phones

For All Motorola Phones

For All Sony Xperia Phones

For All Google Pixels

For All OnePlus Phones

For All Xiaomi Phones

For All Oppo Phones

For All Vivo Phones

For All ZTE Phones

For All Other Phones

NOTE: Customersafety is our top priority that’s why all products including EarPods undergorigorous testing for safety and reliability. Still, if there's any problem wewill be happy to replace the item for you.


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